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Maximizing Your Leadership Effectiveness

This workshop focuses on the critical leadership competencies required to be effective in our challenging and demanding workplaces. Building on the work of Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence); Goleman, Boyatzis and McKee (Primal Leadership); and Daniel Pink (A Whole New Mind and Drive), this workshop will focus on practical strategies for leveraging natural strengths and being intentional in actions to create workplace environments where people are motivated to achieve great results.

You will learn how to...

Leverage your natural strenghts to maximize the positive influence you have as a leader
• Transform a workplace by drawing on your emotional and social intelligences and increasing  intentional interactions
• Create resonance and increase positive, morale building behaviors in the workplace
• Recognize and address bahaviors that create dissonance and negatively impact morale and job satisfaction

You will receive...

A handbook of practical tools and resources
• Links to wonderful resources
• A planning template to get you started